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Walmart/Rollts Inc. & Domino S1

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Tom Ward  VP of Operations

Walmart US



Jim Ballard Sales Manager 

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Because communication is everything! Goals Confirm communication requirements Introduce Rollts communications solutions Show how the Domino will improve employeecommunications Set roadmap for implementation of the Domino4*/4/4*

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Rollts provide solutions that are deliverable worldwide.Our leading-edge innovation is the heartbeat of our brand; Rollts wearable digitaltechnology is an idea crafted and curated by our team’s creative thinking processdesigned and developed from the right mix of inventive brainstorming, tested processesand trusted brand strategy.We build businesses by providing digital communication solutions for any size and scopeof business.We have revolutionized and improved the business communication landscape of thepast.Our MissionWe are committed to making business communication seamless and efficient at the mostcompetitive rates ever, by creating customizable budget-friendly solutions for better workflow“One Smart Domino at a Time!”Because communication is everything!

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What is the #1 essential element teams need to succeed?Because communication is everything!Quick Question

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As an inventor and a motorcycle enthusiast and wanted a better way tocommunicate so looked to create a communicator in the riding jacket.Took the idea to a friend, 6months of concepts discussions and then 2long years of development, production and refinement.Over the last 3 years there has been very little that surfaced that cancompare with it. Maybe only 3-5, but there are none better. Some mayhave the name recognition but none are as far along.We are the only true wearable solution!Because communication is everything!The Story

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Because communication is everything!1902193718801876How do people in general communicate todayor have they up to this point?

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Because communication is everything!1902193718801876How do people in general communicate todayor have they up to this point?

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Because communication is everything!How do teams communicate?1937

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Because communication is everything!How do teams communicate?1937

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Because communication is everythingWhich progressing faster19371876

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Because communication is everything!So what next? What is all this we are hearingabout wearable technology? Is it new?Would youbelieve muchsmaller then myshoe and it’swearableCHIEF!

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Why Push to TalkOver the years, businesses havetried many forms ofcommunications to increaseproductivity, from instantmessaging, to text messaging, tounified communications andcollaboration. As it turns out, PTTis still the preferred choice whenfast, accurate, and coordinatedcommunications and teamworkare essential, such as in mining,manufacturing, warehouses,events, utilities, oil and gas,hospitals, retail stores, schoolsand public safety.Because communication is everything!Return to Push to Talk for Fast, Simple CommunicationsWith PTT, work teams can access a corporatecontacts directory, determine who's online during groupconversations, and see where team members arelocated. PTT can even be set to have the manager'svoice heard above the rest, so critical information getsclearly conveyed.

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Rollts – Domino S-1Because communication is everything!

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(1 month standby and 7 day talk timeversus 4-6 hour battery on radios)and groups for privacy and securityThe Domino is Superiorto radios and walkie talkies.Because communication is everything!ROLLTS S1 ROLLTS E1

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"'#."+4*'4+3+8-+4)? )'22:5'22!#"9!+-'8*2+99 5,:.+).'44+2-85;6:'2135*++:)#'.%0$#4)8?6C54/9+4'(2+*:.+8+,58+3'1/4-+'<+9*8566/4- /36599/(2++<+4 =.+49+::5:.+)588+):).'44+2'4*-85;6%$,' $#)'$!$9+8)'4 '*0;9::.+9:8+4-:.5,:.+:8'493/99/549/-4'2##$+0$#"%!(#*<'4)+*?+:9/362+*+9/-45,:.+/-/:'2533;4/)':58$4/7;+)5258 '4*9.'6+:=5 ##(;::549 54:.+,854:'4*:.+9/*+!0## '* $% '5:.:.++'8)'6 '4*:.+'/8:;(+'8+/4)2;*+*$9++/:.+85,:.+3 '))58*/4-:5;9+84++*9 '4*58)53,58:$##0# -)'#! +( 85</*+9<5/)+5;:6;::.85;-.3/)85$"'4*';*/5 658:9+4'(2/4-;9+8:5)544+):=/:.')C54)'3+8'9<5/)+8+)58*+8996+'1+89+:)42?!522:9 '1+9 599/(2+#.+93'22+9: '4*2/-.:+9: :8;+.'4*9,8++/-/:'2 533;4/)':58%'8/5;9 :'2135*+9 /4)2;*/4- :.8++='?,;22*;62+>$4/7;+25=65=+8 :+).4525-? '225=9 :.+*+</)+9:58+3'/4 549:'4*(? ,58'354:.2+'8+8'4*358+ 9+);8+)533;4/)'C54'9?;9+8)'6'(/2/:?,58)54:8522/4-' <'8/+:?5,'*<'4)+* 9+D4-9Domino S1- FeaturesBecause communication is everything!

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BenefitsEnhance productivityby connecting workgroups together with robust push-to-talk (PTT)functionality from any device, any network, anywhereEliminate communication silosby linking radio PTT users in with enterprise workgroupcollaborations and deliver true enterprise collaborationReduce costby eliminating the need to deploy and manage expensive radiosystems that are traditionally isolated from enterprise networksand other forms of communicationsEnhance service deliveryby providing always-connected communications that provideimmediate delivery of information, whether it be voice, video, or dataBecause communication is everything!

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Cisco Instant ConnectBecause communication is everything!

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Domino S1 & E1CHARGING AND STORAGE SOULTIONBecause communication is everything!

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Rollts –Optional AccessoriesBecause communication is everything!

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Because communication is everything! Requirements met Roadmap for implementation!+</+=

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Because communication is everything! Goals of meetingConfirm communication requirementsIntroduce Rollts communications solutionsShow how the Domino will improve employeecommunications SET ROADMAP FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF THEDOMINO4*/4/4*

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James Ballard614-861-4057